FARIAD-Performamnce Based Organization


FARIAD is a performance-based organization. Performance-based or­ganizations use performance measures and data to focus the organi­zation’s efforts so that all staff are working toward achieving the same objectives. Performance-based organizations clearly establish ex­pectations in measurable terms, collect data on progress, and make decisions with the collected information to adjust course when necessary. A main characteristic of performance-based organizations is that all the staff know the direction the organization is taking and are working together to achieve the organization’s goals. Being a perfor­mance-based organization is not a one-time effort; it is a culture --a way of doing business.


Being a performance-based organization means that what gets mea­sured gets done. The process of establishing and measuring progress against measurable objectives enables everyone to clearly under­stand where the FARIAD stands relative to its expectations. Fo­cusing on the established objectives will enable the FARIAD to be proactive in addressing issues. Measuring our progress will also quantify and enable us to communicate our successes. With some success will come additional success. Finally, a performance-based organization will enable us to improve our effectiveness as leaders and managers.


Being a performance-based organization requires involvement by staff at all levels. In developing this particular Strategic Plan, FARIAD started with the input received from staff and external stakeholders in March 201. Since then, FARIAD staff were invited to provide in­put on the goals and objectives. Goals provide the broad direction for the FARIAD while objectives begin to narrow the focus of the goals by establishing measurable targets and deadlines against which progress will be measured. Staff also participated in identify­ing the strategies and developing the action plans for each objective. A strategy is an initiative to achieve the objective and an action plan identifies who is doing what by a particular deadline to complete the initiative.


Being a performance-based organization requires effective analysis of col­lected data, and decisions made using the data. It is not management by best guess, but management through analysis of progress and adjustment of course based on collected information.

Lastly, being a performance-based organization means that data are acces­sible and transparent, and that leaders use those data to make organizational decisions. Using the collected data to make decisions is the core of a perfor­mance-based organization. Successful programs have demonstrated many organizational and staff benefits from performance-based planning, imple­mentation, and outcomes assessment, including enhanced ability to: Identify and focus upon priorities.


  • Demonstrate clear short-term and longer-range progress toward meeting those priorities.
  • Gain increased recognition for staff, program, departmental and public health practice successes.


Strengthen departmental focus and leadership by clarifying over- arching priorities for FARIAD and by demonstrating our performance toward attaining these priorities.



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