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Featured Programmes
Women Empowerment
Only broad, sustainable economic growth creates opportunities for employment that can move large sections of the population out of poverty, particularly for women and the youth.FARIAD’s Economic Development and Income Generating Activities (IGAs) has been in the form of non-formal programmes targeted at vulnerable and marginalized women including the youth both in and out of school. This programme is designed to acquire the practical skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to directly enter certain marketable occupations and trades.Learnmore
Primary Health Care
Fair River International Association for Development (FARIAD) provides a comprehensive package of services that includes child immunization, Vitamin A supplementation, de-worming of under fives and pregnant women, treatment of childhood illnesses;reducing anemia prevalence among pregnant women and women of reproductive age through universal supplementation of pregnant women with daily iron/folic acid tablets etc.Learnmore
Environment and Development
Climate change is already affecting the world's poorest countries - from increased frequency and severity of flooding to changing rainfall patterns across Africa, .As well as being hit first, the poorest are also hit hardest because they are less equipped to cope with the effects of climate change.FARIAD is working to ensure that development interventions address both the causes and likely effects of climate change so that current and future progress in tackling poverty continues.Learnmnmore
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